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September 20, 2013 – New York, NY

Position Papers

Shadow Open Market Committee Statement:
The Chair’s Succession and the Fed’s Future

Reducing the Risks of the New Macro-Prudential Policy Regime
by Charles W. Calomiris, Columbia Business School

The Chair’s Succession and the Fed’s Future
by Marvin Goodfriend, Carnegie Mellon University and National Bureau of Economic Research

Is the Fed’s Exit on Track? Assessing the Indicators
by Peter Ireland, Boston College

Reconciling FOMC Forecasts and Forward Guidance
by Mickey D. Levy, Blenheim Capital Management

The Recovery of Housing and the End of the Slow Recovery?
by Michael D. Bordo, Rutgers University and Hoover Institution

Nominal GDP Targeting: Policy Rule or Ad-Hoc Splurge?
Bennett T. McCallum, Carnegie Mellon University