Archives - September 15, 2017 – New York, NY

Keynote Address

by Mervyn King, The Lord King of Lothbury KG GBE, Former Governor, Bank of England


Position Papers

Fiscal Consequences of the Federal Reserve’s Balance Sheet

by Deborah Lucas, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

A Monetarist View of Policy Renormalization

by Peter Ireland, Boston College

The Fed and the Shortfall of Inflation
by Mickey D. Levy, Berenberg Capital Markets

Some Thoughts on Allan Meltzer

by Gregory D. Hess, Wabash College

Reforming and Depoliticizing the Federal Reserve

by Charles W. Calomiris, Columbia Business School

An Historical Perspective on Financial Stability and Monetary Policy Regimes: A Case for Caution in Central Banks Current Obsession with Financial Stability

by Michael D. Bordo, Rutgers University